Monday - June 21

Frontline: Digital Nation - view video, write down one thing from each of the nine chapters to chat about in chat room on Tuesday.

Museum Box create a Museum Box


Tutorial 2

Click on Change Box
Choose 1 Layer
Choose 2 cubes
Click Change Box
Click on first cube - it will show 6 sides - fill four sides with pictures on the topic, one side with a video from the Internet, and one side with a text box
Create 2 cubes about a famous person, a happening in history, or about something you teach.
Do the same for the second cube
Click save and submit
Attach to your Wiki

Windows Movie Maker create a 30-picture musical video - attach it to your Wiki

Add pictures, transitions, some text, and music

Windows Movie Maker Tutorial

Preview PowerPoint Multimedia Slides #44-54 Evaluate 2 of them

View Top 100 Blogs for Educators

Work on your 3-hour Multimedia workshop ----
Work on Portaportal ----
Work on Wiki Assignments