Tuesday - June 22

View sites on the Multimedia Class Web Page for Tuesday, June 22nd.

Chat about the video you viewed on Monday.

#4 print out the chat discussion

Discuss your reactions for each of the chapters:

1. MIT 2. Changing Brain 3. Gaming Craze 4. Teaching With Technology 5. The Dumbest Generation 6. Relationships 7. Virtual Worlds 8. Can Virtual Experiences Change Us?
9. Where Are We Headed?

**Memories on the Web** create a slideshow

save it as a ptv or save it to YouTube and link it to your Wiki

**VoiceThread** **Tutorial** Create a lesson for your class that uses Voice Thread. Create the Voice Thread that you will use in your lesson.

Write a summary on your Voice Thread Wiki page on how you would use Voice Thread in your class.

Find four PDF files on Multimedia in Education and covert them to journal format using Youblisher.

Embed them into your Wiki

TECA 2010 is also a good site to find PDFs

Tube Chop - try it; no assignment

Work on your 3-hour Multimedia workshop
Work on Portaportal
Work on Wiki Assignments